Install Raspbian on DevTerm Kit RPI-CM3 series

Like you all guys, I’ve been thinking a lot about DevTerm, but I bought it eventually.
I’m waiting for the CM3 support model.

In the run-up to DevTerm’s delivery, I found that the way Raspbian is installed on the CM3+ module is quite different from the way it worked through traditional SDCards.
The problem is that I don’t want to buy I/O board for CM3+, but if DevTerm is delivered, I want to know if I can install OS such as Raspbian without I/O board for CM3+ in any way.
If an I/O board for CM3+ is necessary, there is no choice but to cancel the order.

The recommanded CM3 module to use with the DevTerm is the one without eMMC so you can use the SD card slot on the DevTerm itself.

oh, then I must have to re-order or cancel.
Thank you very much.

did you by the module from a different site? if you bought a devterm kit, you should be all set

Of course I bought CM3 model without cm3+ and sdcard from ClockworkPi.
Now I am contacting them.

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If you got this, you should be good.
I’m not really sure what other CM3 module you could get from CPi… I seem to fail to find other CM3 options

Unless you mean the Not Included option.
in which case thay are good about upgrades.
When the delay was announced, I reached out to them to switch from the CM3 to the A04 and they were quick about it and made it simple.

That’s the only available from them.

The eMMC version is compatible but not the easier to use as it make the external SD card not working, so they don’t sell it.

The one they sell with the DT is the one without eMMC.

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