Using an existing cm3 compute module with DevTerm?

I’ve got an A04 unit, and have acquired a cm3 (not + or lite). The compute module seems to fit the DevTerm module carrier board fine but in my cursory look at this I’ve not been able to boot an SD card with the cm3 image flashed to it.

I read that by default the cm3 with emmc will boot from emmc rather than SD card – is anybody familiar with this?

Is there any way to configure the cm3 module to work with SD boot without a compute module io board?

There are no connections to the sd card. They are connected to the built in emmc. I am using a CM3 + with 32G of emmc. I had to flash the image directly to the emmc but I don’t have use of the sd card reader. It works fine and is a little faster then having to read/write to the sd card. I found a cheap $40 dev board on Amazon to do the flashing. The lite version of the CM3 has the storage connected to pins that main board use to connect to the sd card reader.

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I’ve ordered a Compute Module IO Board with PoE Feature, for Raspberry Pi CM3 / CM3L / CM3+ / CM3+L from Waveshare. The price was roughly 1/3 of the official CM3 IO board.

I’ll come back to this once it arrives.

I was also kinda hoping the CPI board would do the job of a CM3 IO board without me having to buy a dedicated one … there must be a way.