CM3 and SD card

I have CM3 version of DevTerm. It came with 16GB SD card. I’m familiar with RPi, but not CM3 version – somewhere I read that CM3 comes with built-in flash chip and SD card is not needed? Is this true? Then why does it need 16GB SD card? I don’t think it does, but I’d like to ask other users here.

And where do I download the Clockworks OS image from, assuming the SD card it came with has it? I’m thinking of getting 128GB or 256GB SD card and re-install the OS.

I don’t know enough to answer your CM3 question, but the file image is here (as linked on the wiki)

cm3+ lite version does not have emmc.

BTW, if you use the emmc built-in cm3+ version, you can not use sd card.

Thanks @AverageZac , @hisptoot ! :+1:

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Which Wiki is that?

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The github wiki, which is not the wiki linked from the main Clockwork PI site. There is also a third wiki started by a user I believe.

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