Interested in purchasing a GameShell

If anyone has one available I am interested. I am in the USA, California to be precise.
Addons and additional parts…I am not picky.

I have one in white/grey inkl. Legocase and lightkey for sale…

Oh! Yes! How much for everything?

Sorry man but i have someone how has replayed to my post… If he don’t buy the unit i will get bacö to you if you have still interest. I’m sorry


Hey @plasticarmyman

Because i don’t receive an answer from the other guy, i want to ask you if you are still interessted in my gameshell? If yes let me know… Thanks!

How much are you selling it all for?

I can give you the gameshell incl lightkey and priority shipping for 155.- usd.

Let me know if you are interested. I promis the device is like new. The lightkey was never in use.


@plasticarmyman ah and the lego-case is also included. :smiley:

If you receive no reply, I’m interested. :slight_smile: Also in California.

Ps. I’ll take it at that price. Pm me PayPal when possible if plaaticarmyman falls through. :slight_smile:

@mrhobbles thanks for your interest… Sure i will contact you in case plasticarmyman is not interessted. Best

MrHobbles sounds like he’ll have the $$ before I will.
I’m also hoping for an unassembled unit… I’m probably going to end up waiting for retail :frowning:

Turns out my son isn’t interested in embedded stuff like this after all. I ended up assembling and testing on my own. As such, I’m offering the entire contents of my purchase for sale. The unit was assembled and tested without issue. Hardware and packaging are like new. Here is the list of items up for sale as a bundle for $175. This includes priority shipping to an address in the US. DM me if seriously interested.

  • 1x Logo Sticker
  • 1x clockwork T-Shirt - L
  • 1x GameShell - Rear Shell - Grey
  • 1x GameShell - Front Shell - White
  • 1x GameShell Unit
  • 1x GameShell - LEGO Compatible Rear Shell with LightKey (Bundle)

hello there, would it be possible to still buy this from you? @tskwara

Hello @Rathcat -

Yes it is still for sale. If you want to purchase this bundle, feel free to send a PayPal payment to Please include the address you would like this shipped to.


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@tskwara Sweet,I’ll send it in just a second ,I’m assuming you’re in the US or Canada so shipping isn’t too crazy for you?

As of 10:19 10/20/18, I just sent payment,let me know when you get it,I am super excited!


Per my email, you should have something on your doorstep by Thursday. Enjoy!


@tskwara thank you again man!!!