Gameshell with lego light key for sale - UK

Hi guys

i have a brand new gameshell with light key. I’m in the UK so contact me if you are interested


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Rules to sell gameshell on this forum:

  • Keep it transparent, so price has to be given beforehand, nothing done in PM apart from private details (payment/shipping address)

  • People have to tell on the topic that’s they are interested in buying

  • probably the first asking, first serve is the best selling approach.

  • price negotiation are tolerated but as for the rest must be done openly, NOT BY PM

  • it is the responsibility of the seller to keep the topic updated and to clearly says when the product has been sold

How much are you wanting to sell for?

£80 and this includes the light key. let me know if you want to see a photo of it running quake :slight_smile:

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I’m not looking to buy but would help if you include further information if this price include shipping or if that’s additional.

What color is it? Which back? Does it have the Lego back as well as the plain one?

If it’s white and has both plain and Lego backs, I’m interested. :slight_smile:

I’ll take it please. Can you PM me your paypal or bank details?

It’s the plain white with see through back.

Is this still available??? And dose it come with a micro sd card??

Yes and yes. clockwork pi sent a sd card with it

Ok probably not going to get it but wanted the information to be out there.

If for whatever reason the other sales fall through, I’m in. Pm me with PayPal details. :slight_smile:

Sure will do. Big easy has already confirmed his intereat, just waiting for the battery to arrive in the post. I see its due in the next few days as everyone else started getting theirs,if for some reason he changes his mind, will let you know.

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I’d be interested to buy as well if any other interests fall through.

i’ll keep you posted if the current deal falls through.

Hi All, the gameshell has been sold

GameShell. So hot that you can even use it in the john, tell and sell it. ROFL.

Closed because sold