Introducing the uconsole field ops shell!

since the STL files from clockworkpi for the Uconsole where made available today, I cooked up these on my day off, I have not yet actually printed any since my Uconsole is still in the mail, but chances are good its a precise fit as the stl provided is 1:1 detail. I have created several variants as well as uploaded the STL’s AND cad files (fusion 360) to github here : GitHub - philosiraptor/uconsole-field-ops-shell: its a shell for the uconsole!


Man, where did they push the STLs to?

I spent last night mocking up this, GitHub - 57Bravo/uConsole_3D_Models: Coarse 3D models for uConsole parts.

I wish I knew they had published them.


3D models are also available…

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Man, supports everywhere! :rofl:

Hmm, I’m going to have to redo the antenna mod now.

So far so good. :crossed_fingers:

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Okay, on the back pieces, you need a brim on the two “feet” on the bottom of the housing.

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Noooop. Touch too small.

I can’t measure the length, my calipers aren’t long enough, but the width is about a mm narrower than the uConsole. Looks like the STL of the console is a touch off, which isn’t surprising.

I’ll have to update it when I have an actual devterm to take dimensions, can you quickly try printing a 10 mm cube and let me know if your printer has any dimension shift?

Yea, printer prints sizes correctly. It’s one of the troubleshooting steps I ask folks when they can’t get their mpcnc parts to fit cottectly.

This design is very cool! I like the sun shade on the one model, it definitely gives it the cyberdeck look, especially if you had the RTL SDR and antenna stuck on the side of it. I finished playing through Hard Reset (Redux version) this weekend and most of the terminals have sunshades like that. I may just be biased on a cyberpunk kick again… Regardless, I’m a sucker for anything cyberpunk/cyberdeck related haha.

youll need the sunshade if you operate the unit outside!

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That’s what I was thinking, especially for outdoor ham operations… :grin:

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