Is Clockwork still in business?

I have ordered a part for my devterm in april and have never received my order. When i asked some time ago i received a reply that shipping time was 60 days (!). But even that generous shipping period has passed now. Mail to clockwork help@ and biz@ all bounces. Has Clockwork stopped operations and shipping orders. Has anybody received and sign of life from the company?

They are working on trying to get the uConsole out since last October.

Well, i ordered an adapter which was not out of stock according to the webshop. And they have not been able to ship it even after 10 weeks. I just got a reply it will ship real soon now but i have lost confidence and asked for reimbursement. I don’t think they are that busy on the uConsole that they have no time to ship regular orders out.

Hi Edwin,
I have replied your email three times, 2 directly to your email address, 1 via Wix. Looks like only the one via Wix found you. We will refund your order as you requested.

Thanks for your reply. Mail to all clockwork accounts bounced in recent days. Things seem to be back to normal.

I had some email exchanges with Clockwork without any issues. Might be an issue with your E-Mail provider.