Ordered in September 2023 still no Uconsole is clockwork taking our money and running?

Hello i ordered my unit on September 12th 2023 a uconsole and have recieved nothing i want a full refund asap thanks

I would email Alex at clockworkpi (help@clockworkpi.com) and request a refund if you haven’t gotten a PM yet. I also placed my order around the same time and have not received it. They are shipping units, just very slowly due to a number of factors. They will give you a refund without any trouble.

I got mine about 13 months after I ordered it, and about 7 months after the first orders went out. I’d bet money that your uConsole will reach you sooner or later, but if you do choose to cancel then you’ll find that this forum so full of people confirming that they canceled and got their refund.

Personally, though, I’d wait it out. My uConsole is awesome and the only reason I haven’t posted about it before is that I’m usually an insufferable troll and I try to avoid setting up accounts on forums that I actually find useful.

Anyway, keep an eye on the thread about the highest order number to have received their item. That’l give you some idea of where you are in queue.

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