Is it safe to update the launcher via the settings?

I’m on OS 0.3 with the launcher version “stable 1.24”, but there seems to be an update available. When I press “Check Update” it asks “Update to fb8937f?”

Is this a safe thing to do? I read several people were having problems after updating and I don’t want to flash my sd card again. ^^

Also, what are the release notes for this update?

if you are not familiar with linux,ssh ,then don’t update

v0.3 will have no update in future anyway

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You should be fine. However, you may want to backup your games and take the plunge and upgrade to OS .04

The thing is that my system runs pretty fine, the only problem I have is that I (so it seems) can’t use LIMA and that I have very noticable screen tearing. I flashed the 0.4 image to a spare sd card and still saw tearing, so I’m not sure what the benefits of updating would be.

As long as you didn’t do any modifications to the menu and are just using the default stuff installed, updating the launcher is not problem at all. If you did, the update may fail or your modifications are lost.

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Still no one has mentioned any benefits from updating. ^^

To me: None!
Zdoom has no sound
OhBoy (GameBoy StandAlone Emulator) sound is broken

I believe that after OS 0.4 we will be able to fully upgrade with Sudo apt-get upgrade instead of reflashing, but until OS 0.5 comes out I will stick to 0.3…


Whoops! I initially posted re: 0.4 experiences, forgetting this thread was about launcher updates via the menu.

I guess on a related note, I have done so without any performance hits. It introduced the core manager option. So it does introduce benefits; without any downsides AFAIK. That’s just the launcher update; not an update from 0.3 to 0.4.

Were zdoom problems with 0.4 or the launcher update @Lix?

I didn’t check the changelog, but did notice there were a couple of launcher updates in a small space of time.