Icons Dissapeared

I flashed to 0.4 and for some reasone when i ran a launcher update my icons dissapeared?
can anyone help me

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Which ones disappeared?

Wow, yeah you’re right. I just tested.

For some reason the launcher “Update” on 0.4 actually updates to a launcher commit in the past. Specifically it updates to launcher commit 1c7ca69a8fb193da1f48cf4138b8bb7dc154fde7. Some icons do not exist in that commit yet, and for some reason the .git directory gets picked up by the launcher and is displayed as an Icon as well.

To fix, ssh in to your gameshell and run the following commands

cd ~/launcher
git pull

this should pull the latest launcher code from github.

I’ll do some investigation and open up an issue on github if necessary, otherwise adding @guu here so he can see.

Thank you!

i will try it now!

Really sorry
I forgot to update the launcher version information to be the latest hash for v0.4 after the os image released
it fixed now

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Do I have to do anything else? run the update again? or leave it as is after running the command they came back

leave it
you already have the latest version