Is my Devterm fixable? [SOLVED]

Hi all,

I am now a very lucky owner of a DevTerm (bless thrift store workers who do not know the price of electronics)-- but, it does not work. Upon booting, the Pi module makes an intermittent buzzing sound, the screen flashes momentarily, and the fan does not spin. When I take the core (A-04) out, the buzzing stops, but that’s probably because the Pi does not boot. This happens on battery or plugged in. I have reassembled the hardware and re-flashed the SD card with the appropriate disk image. I do not believe it is a battery or screen problem, as the fan does not turn on, which implies issues with the computer itself.

I am not sure if the problem ultimately lies with the core module or the Pi underneath. If there is a way to tell the difference without ordering both new parts, that would be great.


Edit: I can confirm that it boots because I can see it appear in a Bluetooth scan. So there is something that is prohibiting it from fully displaying the screen.


Sorry everyone! I downloaded the wrong OS image. The download page is a little sneaky, but that’s no excuse. Anyway everything works great. Cheers to the ClockworkPi team