No display on A06 DevTerm - also, fan not spinning?

I received my DevTerm about a month ago and assembled it just today - boy, that screen made me nervous trying to get it in, but it all seems to fit together now. Like a few other people’s threads I’ve read, I’m not getting any kind of output to the screen - some seem to have received DOA screens, some broke them during install, some fixed them with some troubleshooting. I’ve tried a few things, and here are my notes:

  • I’ve tested it both with the battery board/batteries installed and disconnected, as well as with the keyboard connected/disconnected
  • The green light on the mainboard does light up faintly when plugged in - if I hold down the button for a few seconds, it gets brighter, which I assume means that something is working. The little heatsink that goes on the A06 board is warming up a bit too.
  • I’m told that the first boot can take a bit, and I’ve let it sit for a good 30 minutes without any change in behavior once I’ve turned it on.
  • The fan on the extension module isn’t spinning at all, including on (what I presume is) boot - I’m reading that it’s only supposed to spin up when certain temperatures are reached, so it’s not a huge deal but I’m not 100% on what the intended behavior is.
  • The ribbon cable connecting the screen to the mainboard feels kinda iffy - I’ve reseat it at both ends a few times now, and it always kind of wants to warp to an iffy angle. There’s no visible damage, and I’ve seen a few videos where other people have a similar complaint and theirs works, so I’m not too concerned about this.
  • Getting the screen in was definitely a challenge - I did end up bending the aluminium shroud around it just a bit somehow. I’m worried I may have damaged the screen, but I’ve broken screens like this before, and typically they either start outputting garbage, develop lines, etc. - I’m not even seeing the backlight turn on.

Is there anything else I can do to determine what’s going on? Any logs I can read off the SD card that’ll show it complaining about not finding an output device?

You can check with a flashlight if there is something on the screen but no backlight. If so there are ways to fix it like this How to fix Devterm A0604 screen not turning on - #4 by Angr1st