DevTerm A06 Backlight problems

Hello, there.
Couple of days ago I’ve finally received my DevTerm kit. Assembling it was easy, and honestly quite pleasant: zen-like experience of turning the page, put next part, observing beauty and repeat. Unfortunately I seem to have some problems with screen.
The system boots fine - core main chip heating up, battery charging indicator lights up, and you can even hear characteristic chirping of linux booting up in speakers. You can even see greeting screen if you squint

I’ve tested integrity of screen<->main board flex cable because there seem to be some stress on it due to its excess length - all seems to be OK.

Have anyone encounter same issue? Can you provide any information how to fix it?

Hi, i’ve seen this issue reported and fixed on other threads like How to fix Devterm A0604 screen not turning on - #4 by Angr1st which would require some soldering skills to get the backlight working.

I suggest you contact with your issue for replacement, meanwhile you could try your luck with the soldering solution.


I’ve did it! I’ve soldered bypass to positive lead of backlight LED and it worked!

@Petrakis Thanks for the help!

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Amazing! good job!

Glad it worked, I wonder why its so common.