Is Retro City Rampage DX portable to the GameShell?

Well, the title says it all… :slight_smile:
There is a Linux version but its not ARM…

Well, Vblank could release an ARM build, but apart from that, not officially.

There is a potential way using qemu-user, but don’t expect stellar performances and also would need to install some (unknown) amount of library dependencies.

I don’t think I have access to the linux version (need to check with Steam, not sure if a DRM free version exist) but it may also no support the GameShell resolution (320x240).

Too bad, would be very nice on the GS…
I’ll drop them an email just in case they would be interested at releasing an Arm version. I do not expect an answer but you know, if you don’t ask…

Yup, never a bad idea to ask :slight_smile: