Is the lack of progress updates something to be worried about?

The title, basically. If the creator is normally like this, that would be reassuring. Anyone have previous experience with their products?

This is very normal for them, nothing to worry about.


Yeah, this is a very niche company, catering to a very specific crowd. When you order from them, you have to figure the 90-day/5+ month shipping cycle into your planning schedule. Current economic and world events notwithstanding.

Thanks guys - coming from the custom keyboard community, I’ve been left out to dry a couple times on group buys where the behavior was similar, which prompted my question. Sounds like all is well though!

Yeah, I bought the GameShell last March and didn’t get it until August. I am pretty sure they have quarterly shipping cycles.

I ordered the DevTerm … in JUne of 2019… (COVID was a big deal then) got my unit around November of 2019… it was a well made product and well worth the wait. Still use my DevTerm daily - looking for a slightly more sturdy case… so don’t get upset - we will eventually get a production update…


In june 2019 there was no Covid… did you mean june 2020?

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Probably … the years just seem to be a blur … that timeline makes sense I did pre-ordered the DevTerm in spring (2020) May/June? and received it around November later that same year - a much longer period than 90 days but there were complications world wide… we had the same kind of discussion then as now… would be helpful if they provided a status update now that the New year is over… maybe they are just working too hard for an update.

Yeah, I have reached out to them 4-5 times with no response. Not sure what is going on.

It could be possible that economic and political issues might be effecting shipments:

Alex has usually been pretty good about responding to emails in the past. The fact that we haven’t heard any news in months is pretty concerning, especially with the international tension.

Don’t feel scammed. Seems like you guys have never bought small batch/boutique electronics before.
It still hasn’t been 90 business days since sales started. They haven’t delayed. Be patient, you’ll get your toy eventually.


Got a reassuring response to my email stating that all is well - first batch expected to ship out next month. /Thread


Based on their track record, I have confidence that Clockwork Pi is not going to run away with the preorder money. They’ve shipped kits for two different products that have been decently reviewed. That said, it’s not unreasonable to be suspicious after hearing nothing for three months. I don’t think that’s a failing of customers.

If Clockwork Pi just assigned one person on staff to publish a production update every other week, I would imagine that they would decrease abandoned preorders significantly. If you follow any Kickstarter or preorder releases, that kind of communication is table stakes for these campaigns.


I inquired recently (Like three weeks ago) and got the following response:

We are on schedule at this moment. We make our products in China, which means there was a Chinese New Year vacation. And since most of the workers had to stay far away from home due to COVID for 3 years, the factory asked if they could extend the vacation for a few more days. We supported them, because the workers deverve some time with their families.
Beyond that, not thing is holding us.

Also noticed the 90 business days, not 90 days…So I think with their track record and honesty all is well. Still can’t wait to get that tracking number :partying_face:


Wow glade to have these kind of feedback.
I live in China and also operating a small OEM factory. I can tell you since the begining of 2023, some of these factory are very busy, but some are basically have no orders at all.
I hope Clockwork’s supply chain is stable and ship the uConsole very soon :slight_smile:


Regardless of what happens, I do appreciate this community. All of you are awesome!