Update: uConsole shipping related

Hi guys,
A new batch will be sent to our shipping agency tomorrow. Tracking numbers will be provided in a few days.
We will start to prepare another batch on Monday.

Hi guys, the second batch is ready, we will send them to our shipping agency later today.
Tracking numbers will be provided in a few days.
We will get to the third batch right away.

Guys, the second batch is almost ready. We have all the parts in the factory, just waiting for the packing crew to get to our product.
Won’t take long.

Hi guys,
Looks like the factory made a mistake on some of the no-core version orders, which is the adapter isn’t in the kit.
I have sent emails to the customers that are involved, please check.
For those who has already made contact, the adapter will be sent ASAP.
Later batches won’t have this issue.
We are sorry about it.

Hi guys,
Some of you have got the shipping notification. It is the first batch.
For those who haven’t, don’t worry, we are preparing the second batch at this moment.
Production and shipping will maintain constant, so please forgive me if I can’t tell you which batch your order will be in. I need to organize the orders according to how many we made before shipping.
But won’t be too much longer.

Hi guys,
All export orders of the first batch have been packed and ready to leave shore. Our shipping agency is generating the tracking numbers. I will be able to send the tracking numbers in a few days.
And we are preparing the next batch. Won’t be much later.
If you need any help, contact me alex@clockworkpi.com

UPDATE: 30/6
Hi guys,
Looks like our shipping agency will get to the export orders in next week. Good chance that I can send the tracking numbers in next week. Even if not, will just be a few more days.
We have prepared an update for CM4 OS. Once you get your CM4 device, remember to upgrade the OS before using.
You’ll need a MicroSD reader.
Download: http://dl.clockworkpi.com/uConsole_CM4_v1.3g_64bit.img.7z
Method: 1. download the OS file and unzip; 2. download balenaEtcher https://etcher.balena.io/ and install; 3. use balenaEtcher to flash the OS
If you need any help, contact me alex@clockworkpi.com

UPDATE: 25/6
Sorry for the waiting guys. Been super super busy these days.
After a tone of meetings and contacts, the customs finally gave us the export permission. We will be allowed to book a shipping window before the end of next week.
Booking shipping window and waiting for the carrier to collect the parcels will take a few days, but no more significant delay for the first batch any more.
During waiting, our R&D has been testing the uConsole. Here’s some pics for the real thing in use.

Sorry for the waiting, guys.
We have updated the required files on May 13rd. But for some reason, the customs wants us to prove that the 4G module we provide isn’t a controlled electrical product (chip), which our shipping agency believes that relates to former lawsuits that practiced by the USA goverment on some Made-in-China electrical devices.
I do not understand the politics very much, but I think our vast list of shipping destinations have raised some attention.
Luckily, the customs do have a instruction for that. We have asked our 4G chip supplier to provide the certification.

I am sorry for the delays. And I understand the concerns. Lucy for us, we have you guys standing by us when we are battling the old close-minded world and the uncertainties of supply chain and stuff.
But I also understand that if you wait for something for too long, some times you just lose your interest.
So, like always, we keep our policy. If your want to cancel your order, please email me alex@clockworkpi.com. You can have full refund, the price and the shipping fee, any time before shipping.
I’ve heard lots of you guys asking for refund but start with apology. Please don’t. We are sorry for all the delays and inconvenience. You have every right to ask for a refund.

UPDATE: 13/5
Guys, good news.
The customs contacted us and we have updated the export files.
Getting really close!

Hi guys,
The customs has confirmed that they have received our request.
They will get to our case in short.

UPDATE: 20/4
Hi community,
Sorry couldn’t find more time to reply all the comments.
I have an update to share.
The shipping process of the first batch will be started in a couple of days, as promised.
There will be a period of time that we have to deal with the customs, to file the paperworks and then to wait for them to give us a green light.
There’s a public vacation right ahead in China, we will try to get all the works done before the vacation starts, but there is chance that we will not hear from the customs before that. Dealing with the bureaucracy can be frustrating, I’m sure that you guys can understand. We have authorized our shipping agency to do that. They are much more experienced than us, and at some point, they will pull some strings. They are good partner.
But beyond that, we will get our end of the work done in no time.
I’ve been handling all those works so I couldn’t get back to you frequently. My apologies.
As it always has been, you can find me at alex@clockworkpi.com
I’ll get back to work.
Love you all.

Hi community,
I am Alex, a Clockwork Tech member. I have news about the uConsole.
We claimed that the shipping process of the first batch will be started before the end of March. But I’m afraid that it will be delayed to mid-April.
The reason that we have to delay the shipping process is because, as some of you have heard from email contact, we changed the craft of the shells.
To provide a lighter and more exquisite result, we had to change the craft from aluminum CNC to Al-Mg alloy molding + CNC.
Now, to make a single set of the shells and the frame, the factory will firstly mold the Al-Mg alloy powder into the shape, then use CNC to craft the semi-product into the designed layout, then to paint the shells and the frameto finish the production.
The cost of the new craft is about 30% higher than the old way, but in result, it provides a 40% down of the total weight. The uConsole now weights about 450g ( including a pair of 18650 Li-on battereies, which are 100g+). Before that, the shells and the frame themselves weighted over 400g.
And I believe that most of you guys have seen the pictures that we releases on Twitter. IT LOOKS AMAZING!
The factory is doing as fast as they can, but the new craft requires some time for capacity climbing. They’ve been delivering constantly, but for now it is not enough for us to start shipping, because we need a decent number for a batch to report to the customs. We are informed that around mid-April, we will have that batch for shipping. And since the capacity has been climbing, we also will have more devices to be ready, which means the first batch can be bigger than we planed. More orders will be included in the first batch.
We are dedicated to provide fun and good-for-use gadgets for the community, therefore, we don’t care about the cost rising, as long as we don’t have to go bankrupt. But we do care about your feelings. I understand that 90-business-day of waiting has been torturing. Now, we need just a little bit more time, so we can provide a much better device, a uCnosole that you can actually take to the outdoors, or use during commuting.
If you need any assistance, if you have any concerns or doubts, please contact me via alex@clockworkpi.com. I will always be there for you.


Thank you for the update. Very excited.


Thank you! Glad to hear this!


Thank you. I am waiting with anticipation.


This update is truly appreciated! I certainly don’t mind waiting a bit longer and I want to thank EVERYONE at ClockworkPi for bringing these amazing products to life!


Thank you for building a great product :raised_hands:

I would be happy if you could make it till April 16th which is my birthday :sweat_smile:


Thank you for your update - looking forward to receiving the product late April Early May- I know the DevTerm was delayed (for many reasons) and I have enjoyed my unit for the last few years - a lighter more durable - slightly smaller uConsole will be very useful. In the mean time I already have batteries and a larger memory card in anticipation of receiving the unit.

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Good to hear that! BTW how big is the first batch, in thousands level or hundreds level?

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thank you very much for the update!

edit: IMO, as much as I do want it now, it’s better to delay shipping for a bit to bring a better end product, than to rush shipping just to get it now

if i’m having it longer than a month (which i will) it makes sense to wait about that long to have it last longer, you know?

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Thank you for the update! This is great to hear :smiley:
It truly is a labor of love for you guys, I hope to buy more products from you in the future <3


Cheers frendos!!! Like of the poductz!!!

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Hey Alex, I really appreciate the detailed update and a firmer expectation for when we will start to see shipping notifications. Do you have an idea of which order dates will be included in the first batch?

I don’t have strong opinions about the case material. I imagine that the Al-Mg alloy molding also helps you avoid some kind of production bottleneck?


A 40% reduction in weight is pretty amazing. If the current version is 450g including the estimated 100g for 18650s, the original would have weighed 590g with the batteries installed. The original would have weighed almost 3 regular cellphones, or 2.5 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultras (234g)!


Just measured my DevTerm, without batteries it is 489g. The two 18650 batteries together weight out at just under 90g. Total of 579g, CM3 cpu in it.


That is a lot of weight!


I have a sonim XP8 tactical cell phone … 11 oz 311 g… yep that’s heavy - my DevTerm has the Ops Shell on it so that adds another … ~200g… *~740 g total) but now it’s not as fragile…

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Thank You for the information :slight_smile:

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Thank for the update I guess I can wait a little longer :smile:

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Personally I don’t use twitter, especially not since the takeover. I don’t suppose it would be possible to post this stuff to this forum as well? This is the primary place I use to check CPI stuff, I didn’t realise there were updates being posted outside of it.


Check the previous forum posts, the Twitter updates get re-posted here fairly quickly.

But here it is again just for convenience: https://twitter.com/Hal_clockwork/status/1632059793962827776?s=20