Is uconsole compatible with CM5 in future?

Since raspberry 5 has been released, CM5 is not far away.

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I just wanted to point out that this is an impossible to answer question. The CM5 hasn’t even been announced yet – if it ever will. The RPi5 has only been announced – we are still a few weeks from shipping.

So there is absolutely no way to know if this is even possible and no way to answer this question other than :person_shrugging:


I personally believe if there’s CM5, the raspberry foundation will maintain the interface compatibility. Normally compute module will come out a year after the pi. Anyway, I’ve already ordered Pi5 and can’t wait to play around.


From a leyman perspective


I don’t think it will be a drop in replacement.

It has a new I/o controller and double the pci connections… the gpio on the current connector is already strained…

Their info that it’s 2-3 times faster I think includes peripheral # and speeds … so in the console I dunno if it will be an “impressive improvement” passive cooling and all…

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Probably in the future. Remember, clockwork is a small team, someone on here said less than 10 people working at Clockwork Pi. So the community would have to come together to make it possible. And that’s a big ask. But I think down the line, if Clockwork Pi is still around, they will add more compatible cores for their products.


Considering a Compute Module based on the Raspberry Pi 5 hasn’t been announced, we have no idea if the board will be compatible, if a new adapter board will be viable, or if there even will be a CM5.

I’d wait for it to exist before anyone can make declarations about where it will or won’t be compatible. The Raspberry Pi foundation tends to wait a year after introducing the Model B board to announce a Compute Module.

The Raspberry Pi 5 has different power requirements than its predecessors, so it’s hard to say what it would look like as a Compute Module. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has radically changed the form factor of the Compute Module in the CM4 and that board currently works in the DevTerm and uConsole through an adapter board.

I’d imagine that Clockwork Pi would want to maintain compatibility with Raspberry Pi boards, but a lot can change in a year and they might decide to focus on their own boards instead. There are just a lot of unknowns.

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