CM5 adapter when?

It doesn’t mention the CM5 explicitly there but I think we can all agree it will be on the way before too long.

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So far no mention of a CM5, but I’d suspect they have it in the pipeline

Yeah thats what I was saying, not mentioned explicitly but I’m sure it will come along at some point, especially as they already mentioned the CM4 in the announcement (and the 400, I wonder if they will make a 500?).

Also a video on the Pi5, just because I really like this guy:

I would 100% order a cm5 upgrade when that comes out, the possibility of openmw on the uconsole is very exciting to me.

don’t the compute modules usually come out a year after the “normal” board?

Yeah, I think it was like 8-12 months for the cm4, but raspberrypi has been working with integators more aggressively with the cm4 so my guess is it might come out sooner since there is more demand.

My guess is that clockworkpi probably is under nda regarding all cm5 information at this point even if they have one.

Pretty hopeful about CM5, b/c of mentioned “2.5x” raise in performance. I’m not using DevTerm much because A06 is sometimes too slow for my tastes, but maybe switching to uConsole with CM5 with A76 cores would be what I need.

the question is, if the power circuit can provide enough energy to the CM5, as it will be more power hungry.

Definitely going to be hotter.

As RPI stated earlier today, the PI5 will try to negotiate for the higher power but will run on the normal PI4 PSU. If it can then there’s more power available for USB devices and HATS. If not, then they supply them with the PI4’s power rating.

So for a CM5 I’d say it should work on the lower power, as it won’t necessarily have all of the other components thats on the PI5 - just the newer SOC/RAM & maybe the RTC.

The WiFI I think is still the same as the PI4 - just on the 5 it gets it’s power separately

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So the CM5 will be a thing…

We hope to release some news on the CM5 sometime in H1 next year.

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Performace per watt won’t even be 1.25x.

If the GPU was alot better it would be interesting!