CM5 coming in 2024!? Will it fit uConsole?

First news on the CM5? Fingers crossed for the exact same form-factor… :wink:


I would check this out too

Edit~ just saw the article has the same video

it will definitely have the same formfactor/connector as the CM4. There might even be a SODIMM style formfactor as well, like the CM4S. Raspberry Pis largest customers are all industry, so a drop in upgrade would be perfect for them to replace CM3’s and CM4S units. But who knows. Would be cool to play Supertuxkart and other more demanding games on the uConsole!

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One limiting factor could be current draw. The RPi 5 is much more power hungry than the 4… so I expect the CM5 to do the same. As it was on the DevTerm at least, the A06 had issues whenever the battery would drop below a certain level. A CM5 in the uConsole might face the same challenges.

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More consumption for more frequency, yes. But at consumption am equivalent to 4, wouldn’t it be more efficient?
It’s to think about, I think.

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you’re both right, it’ll have to be limited to around the CM4s current TDP (around 8 watts). Like you said though it’ll be much more power efficient and powerful at that wattage than the CM4. For the likely street price of $100-130? I don’t think I’ll buy it. maybe if RPi can make it available for $60-70. That’ll probably be a long time from the initial release though.