It needs a case!

This would look really cool with internal LED lighting if you could find a way to fit some custom lighting in the case.

It would probably be best to design and 3D print a phone-case-type model, then sand it, create a mold and cast it in silicone. That way it will also be possible to have it fit tight like a glove.


You can, click @Petrakis’ link; they did get basically completely transparent parts using FDM, that’s what their whole article is about. There are also videos where people follow that guide and it works.

Yes I’ve seen it, but this not enough to have a screen behind

Could be nice for a clear case with screen cutout, though.

Don’t they make flexible TPU type material in 3D printer filament?

yes. It’s kind of a pain to print though.

Good to know, I was about to grab a 3D printer just for this use case which I was struggling to justify as it was. If TPU isn’t easy to print with, I will wait until an another party comes out with something for the uConsole. I’m not convinced it really needs a case unless I’m carrying all the time anyway which will be a ways away