It needs a case!

One that says “Don’t Panic” written in large,friendly letters. It would be neat to include a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy database, just for fun.


The 3D printed cover for the DevTerm works great. Hope someone comes up with one for the uConsole also.


A nice leather case would be great, aluminum dents pretty easy, or that’s just a MacBook problem.

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The uConsole does seem more sturdy through metal casing and actual screws though, don’t you think?

What I like about the design with front and back plates is that we could extend the center section using a printed piece and longer screws to fit more stuff into the case.
I’m envisioning a GPIO pinout and a physical serial port breakout with FTDI chip inside the case for programming all sorts of microcontrollers.

The keyboard uses spring loaded POGO pins to connect, so you may need to add some pass-through contacts in your print if you add spacer like that.

Personally i would like a hard plastic snap-on dust cover like they use on Texas Instruments calculators.


Good point. Dust cover sounds useful, I may whip one up in CAD once I get my uConsole, test print and post it online.


The one created for the DevTerm works great. It isn’t that complex and it does protect the keyboard/display when I throw it all in my bag.

Do you have a link for it?
Edit: It’s this? Printables

I had a 4GB copy of Wikipedia installed on a Gen 1 iPod Touch back in the day.