It's finally here

I’ve been looking for a serial terminal that I can take around and build like a tank. Perhaps the search is finally over.

So far, the size is good, the speed is good, the paint is terrible (already peeling)

I need protection for the display and keyboard; I will look for a hard case that fits. Or maybe design some shield and print it on the 3D printer.

The first modification is the most obvious, using a high-speed micro SD card, 120GB.

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There’s this thread covering some cases a few of us are using for the uConsole Padded Carrying Case - #12 by oldmankelly

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OH! I forgot I printed that clip on cover.

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I designed a hard cover for it, the STL files and original OpenScad files are here somewhere. As for the case getting dinged up, I think it makes it look cool. Just search for markatlnk.


This guy?


Link to that thread - will be printing one of those myself soon…


Yup, that is the one I designed. Mine fits well and protects what needs to be protected. Someone else added a bunch of holes to the top for effect. Fun to see what people do with it.


A hard cover would be nice if i could find someone to print one for me, but what i want more right now is a glass screen protector. With how the screen is mounted we will need to find one that fits snugly inside of the screen aperture on the front of the case. Adding any more thickness seems dangerous for the screen with how the front case mounts.

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