uConsole - front cover

Greetings everyone,

I would love to see options for a front cover. Something to protect the screen area and keyboard when stowing the device in a bag or maybe just to protect it when not in use. I have a 3D printer and may print one of my own when I get the device and am able to take measurements.

What are your thoughts on a cover?

I’ve had similar thoughts to allow throwing it into a backpack. Could be a plain flat functional cover or something that echoes the keyboard underneath.

The web page for the uConsole says “We follow the concept of “Open-Design,” the 3D files of all structures and related materials are released under the GPL v3 license. You can find them on our GitHub to customize your own parts through CNC or 3D printing technology.”. They aren’t there yet that I’ve found but hopefully will show up soon.

I have to admit when I first saw this I was thinking something along the lines of the old TI-85 calculator slide on case would be pretty good protection and go with the retro aesthetic.


what about trimming a tablet screen protector sheet for the screen? but I’d like a protective shell for the front too - still not sure about the port where the modem goes - I elected to buy one with wifi only - don’t want another cell contract… I’ve got some material might be able to make something or fiberglass a piece - you guys are talking 3-d - a bit old school more into resin…

@mwaldron you bring back such good memories of the hours I spent with my TI-85/83(s) I’m sure the community would love a .stl or link if you design one! ( I know I’d 3d print it. )

Maybe CPI releases a cover like they did with the Devterm