Keypad connector broke

Hi! during assembly i noticed the keypad’s connector for the “keypad line” was a little loose and upon trying to actually attach the cable the connector simply popped off! so: what can i do now?/ is there a way to receive a new board? Thanks in advance!

Ouch, It could still be repaired though!

Not sure if this thread is still open, but I have literally just done the same thing with the one I just received! I’m a little new to this stuff so im not sure about soldering or anything like that, is there anywhere to buy a spare part/someone willing to let me in on how to repair it?


Nope, good luck with the devs at clockwork for helping you out, they are non existent when it comes to resolving problems

Please email us to:, this is our after-sales service mailbox. Thank you.

I have the same issue! please let me know if you find any solutions. I’m going to try to solder it. Ill update yall when I’m done

Emailed you guys as well! Hopefully we can fix this

Please email us: and we will send replacement parts for you ASAP.