Icons for C64, PAL SNES, Master System and Genesis/Mega Drive

Hope you guys find these useful!



Currently working on Sega Master System and Genesis/Mega Drive.


As promised, here are the Master System and Genesis/Mega Drive icons.




thanks void! ive been looking for an MD icon

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good icons

downloaded !


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No worries GoldenAgeNerd and guu! Happy to take requests for making icons in the same style for other consoles/computers. These are simply the emulators I’m running on my device, but I’ll happily make more and share with the community.

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Tremendous, many thanks for these.

These are amazing! I have some daring requests, could you make one for; Bandai Wonderswan and Wonderswan Color, Game Gear, PC Engine, PSX, Famicom, Super Famicom and the Turbografx 16

Even a few of these would mean the world to me. Thanks for the great work.

love these :heart:! I started a project to collect and organise icons for the GameShell. can you share these with me in an editable format? (.svg, .pdf, .ai)


@grotandthemob Done - check your thread! :slight_smile: