Let's play Blood!

I live… AGAIN!

In my post of Shadow Warrior, I said “There will be Blood”.

Well, here it is!

It uses “NBlood”, a port of Blood made by Nuke.YKT, which uses the eDuke32 engine.


I bought blood off of steam, and I’m using Mac, windows is required huh?

There you are this is awesome! thanks bro

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No, you just need the files. Look into Steam --> Settings --> Steam Play to download the game on a different OS.

Mac has an SSH client, so you can follow the instructions.

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Thank you again for the steps, really appreciate it

I did something wrong lol all I can see is a grey box that has video settings on half the screen then a red logo on the other half of the screen

just does it in lima went to fbturbo works great!

There is no setting in the steam app on Mac

What about preferences in the Mac menu bar?

Ok, do I go to remote play?

No it is called Steam Play, but I am reading this:

Q: Any plans for macOS support?
While Wine and Proton work on macOS, there are no plans to support the new Steam Play functionality on macOS at the moment.

Not sure Steam Play is the way to go on Mac :expressionless: .

I’ll try to get windows on my Mac then :pensive: thank you though

Yes. Another option is to become a guru in SteamCMD. If you figure out how, you can probably install Windows games on a Mac.

But it’s not a very user friendly tool.

Ok was able to get windows, but I can’t find BLOOD.INI, would it be just BLOOD?

EDIT: I ended up just putting the BLOOD.EXE instead

What was the command for copying files?

I’m honestly so stuck

The blood .ini is the one that says just blood and says config file beside it I can see it in ur pic

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Oh ok thank you, I’m not good with the file names lol

its okay no worries you saved me earlier :smiley:

Of course, that’s what I like about this community. Everyone helping each other, that’s why I’ve stuck around.

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