Let's play powder 🛡

hi guys \o/

here is a port of the mythical rogue game, powder

Your goal is simple: dive to level 25 of the dungeon to reach Baezl’bub, slay him, and return to the surface with his black heart.
Plenty of nasty monsters stand in your way, however. Fortunately, the dungeon is littered with useful equipment.

prepare yourself to die a lot and become the toy of jokers gods

setup :

by debian package :

wget http://gs.dread.fr/pool/main/g/gs-powder/gs-powder_118_armhf.deb
sudo apt install ./gs-powder_118_armhf.deb

or by old school way with this single line installer :

curl -s gs.dude.pm/powder.setup | bash

![](upload://zDcVwgCALdUZkaE9NldVpQXhgJ2.png :):shield::dagger:

i made some effort on the gameplay, similar to the excellent ds version
default keys bind >
B : ok / fire
A : cancel / zap
X : inventory
Y / START : action list
SELECT : search
Shift SELECT : minimap
Shift START : history
Shift B : look
Shift X : swap
Shift Y : safe walk toggle
MENU : quit with confirmation
Shift MENU : direct quit

in action list, use X to bind command to any key / Shift key
( X / Y / START / Shift A, cannot be bind

the game will create a .powder folder into your home dir, setup will put binary in ~/games and give sh script & icon to the launcher

unofficial for now, i need contact the author, jeff lait, port specific source code need also a bit of clean before release it

have a nice play :dragon:


I’m guessing by fn SELECT you mean SHIFT SELECT?

yes, corrected :black_nib:

Thanks for having the simulation game but it looks similar to the mario.

bash: line 10: /home/cpi/apps/launcher/skin/default/Menu/GameShell/Powder.png: No such file or directory

bash: line 11: /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/Powder.sh: No such file or directory

chmod: cannot access ‘/home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/Powder.sh’: No such file or directory

I’m sorry, your social life just got ruined

Was this written for Launcher 1.22?

i have stable 1.23 on my own unit, using python launcher

is your launcher directory structure different ?

edit > i just change the setup script to check launcher directory ~/launchergo and ~/apps/launcher to install to proper location, just recall the script

First time checking into one of these threads, are you porting all of these games to the gameshell yourself @r043v?

others threads & games was not my owns, i just reuse the cool let’s play title :- )

yes i port this one myself …
some trouble as the game can use two gameplay, pad or keyboard, defined at compile time … have on gs pad as a keyboard was needed some changes,
after some test i finally choice using the pad gameplay in the game, “emulating” it at event level, with some fix to extend buttons number and to have the layout reflecting the great nds one

i currently have a look on porting the classic kobo deluxe :flying_saucer:

BenitoChiles you mean in graphical generation ? hopefully powder also got an ascii skin \o/

install powder in /home/cpi/launchergo/

I’m sorry, your social life just got ruined

I’m not using LauncherGo, so it didn’t show up in Launcher until I switched to LauncerGo.

Actually, the script should be installed in /home/cpi/apps/Menu/ along with the icon png file to show up in both.

i’m blind here as i was not setup last os or launchergo

now setup will check existence of ~/apps/Menu, if it exist it put sh & png inside, else in old launcher classic location

recall the script to install to common location, you may delete by hand icon & sh in /home/cpi/launchergo/