Let's play Commander Keen


Will take a look on this. Not sure why Curl does that, because that’s what it reports that. Might be related to misinterpreting variables.

I’ll take a closer look

Can’t confirm that. I have configured soundblaster/adlib and get that used. Unfortunately you can’t configure this in the game itself. But you can from gamelauncher or one of the other games. So no big deal…

The Keen Dreams code part is based on Refkeen and very messed up unfortunately. Changing will take more time.


I don’t think the problem is related to Virtual Gamepad. I have ARM devices which support that fine. I added the macro so your users won’t have the option, because for Gameshell it does not make sense. All the other Android touch devices work fine and use that feature and are arm based. Remember CG also runs on almost every Android device.

Done, but a bit differently.

Before SDL_Mixer was introduced those libraries were used. I will remove them in near future

Use tag v2.2.9

Thanks again for the feedback. Best wishes and a lot of fun for the Gameshell users!


Hi Gerstrong!

This part in the README still seems illogical: :slight_smile:

 * cd CGeniusSrc 
 * cd CGeniusBuild
 * Run "cmake ../CGeniusSrc".

Anyway, I have made Commander Genius v2.3.0 for GameShell!

Thanks for implementing our feedback. Good luck with the project!


Ahh, you are right. It is corrected in the testing branch.

It says:

  • cd CGeniusBuild
  • Run “cmake …/CGeniusSrc”.

The build-directory is meant not to be in the subdir of the sources.

And thanks for the Version. looking nice :slight_smile:


Steam sale for a dollar right now! complete pack the gods have blessed me!
And thank you works flawlessly