Let's play Dave Gnukem!



Although Duke Nukem 1 is playable on the GameShell using DosBox, I could not find a GNU implementation of it to run natively on the GameShell.

Then I stumbled upon Dave Gnukem, an open source retro-style 2D scrolling platform shooter, inspired by and similar to Duke Nukem 1. The creator started this project back in 2001 and only recently finished it in 2018.

Dave Gnukem is actually quite suitable for the GameShell, so I decided to make yet another instruction topic!

Dave Gnukem v1.0 for GameShell


These instructions describe how to install Dave Gnukem on the GameShell.

  1. Login with ssh.

  2. Download

  1. Extract
  1. Move the extracted DaveGnukem/ directory to /home/cpi/games/:
mv DaveGnukem/ /home/cpi/games/
  1. Go to that folder:
cd /home/cpi/games/DaveGnukem/
  1. Get the data files from the creator like this:
git clone data
  1. Create a launch script:
echo 'cd /home/cpi/games/DaveGnukem/' > '/home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/Dave'
echo './davegnukem -f' >> '/home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/Dave'
  1. Reboot and select the Dave Gnukem icon!

Further notes

  • Set your controls in-game: REDEFINE KEYS (I recommend UP for ACTION).
  • To build from source you have to install the dependency libsdl-mixer1.2-dev.


Works really well, playing this as we speak! Thanks for the detailed instructions!