Lets play Moon on Gameshell!


Moon is a psychedelic voyage through space using color & a pixel art creation tool with endless possibilities and images. You actively make and explore through space with brushes and colors and shapes.

It comes with two main creation modes (planet & drive) and distinct controls and settings for each.

In planet mode you are a fixed circle in space growing and changing.

In drive mode you are free to roam and create as you will.


  • Fullscreen, All Platforms, All Resolutions
  • Endless Possibilities (Each creation is different)
  • Challenging to master all the possible combos and styles but still intuitive
  • Freeform anything there are no rules or objectives (unless you make some) just simply create to all end!

Listen to music, chill, create…

Check out the FAQ Section for an expanded description of controls & features and also general help/questions!

$15 is a good bit of money for a PICO8 game, don’t you think?

It also seems like they might be including a copy of Pico-8 with the game, which I’m sure the creator of Pico-8 would not be happy with. Very strange.

[developer] Moon does not include a copy of Pico 8. The pico 8 splash has not been removed with respect to the platform it began on! :+1:

[developer] You are right! Moon is more of a creative tool. Has some game elements some creative tool elements but generally more of a tool for creating pixel imagery and visualization! Currently have 10 free copies for artists/makers. Selecting 1 person for the next 10 days. Just send a picture of something you made - preferably moon/space related! Also have a 20% revenue share with Itch.io to support the community!

[developer] Moon does not include a copy of Pico 8. The pico 8 splash has not been removed with respect to the platform it began on! :+1:

Uhm I really think you should reconsider your pricing. Pico 8 itself costs one cent less than your application.

Also check out Love2d if you haven’t already and if you’re interested in Lua Frameworks!

[Price has been updated] [Free version available for the next 7 days!]Screenshot%20from%202019-09-24%2008-43-18

Is there some special way to access the updated price?

The updated price is the one on your screenshot, it was 15 USD before.

Righto. I misread it as meaning it’s free for the next 7 days. My mistake.

Yeah it is free. Not like a special version. It’s below that section and says “claim access”

Below that section [claim access]

Doesn’t seem to include a Pico-8 cart for running on GameShell? I haven’t tried on the GameShell yet (don’t have it with me), but it looks like the Linux version is for x86 linux, and not ARM, so it wouldn’t run on the GameShell anyway? I tried renaming the data.pod file to data.png to see if Pico-8 (on Windows) could load it but that doesn’t work either. The included .exe works, of course, but that wouldn’t work on GameShell.

If there’s a way to run it on GameShell then it would be good to provide instructions. Otherwise, this entire post seems off-topic.

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