SpaceTrader a dopewars style trading game in space!

Ever since I got my GameShell I’ve been itching to write some simple tools and games. My first project is a simple space trading sim, inspired by games like dopewars. It was written in Rust and uses SDL2 libs. I have a small build server running on my Raspberry Pi which compiles the app and deploys it to

The game can be downloaded from I have some more features to add and stuff to tweak, but this is the current alpha version. I’m planning on writing more games exclusively for the GameShell, especially now I have a good build pipeline.

Would love any and all feedback :slight_smile:


Just installed it to check it out. Although it’s text-based, it looks quite interesting. Well done! Also it would be interesting to share your dev setup, probably there are lot of us here who would like have a setup similar to yours.

Thanks! I’m going to write a blog post (or a few) which will detail my setup with some steps to set it up yourself. But here is a quick run down.

I code my games in Rust and use SDL2, I don’t use any engines. It’s quite nice to have small binaries compiled for the architecture. My editor is VIM (with a rust-vim plugin) and I code mostly on my Linux machine running openSUSE (Tumbleweed). For source control and CI, I use Gitbucket on my Raspberry Pi. It’s like a mini self hosted Github. I combine that with ngrok so that I can push/pull as well as access the Gitbucket interface when I’m on the move.

I use the Gitbucket CI plugin, which builds the project and packages it up for release on itch. When I build the master branch it also uses butler to upload a new release of the game on itch.

Hope this helps, I’ll write some more detailed blog posts soon. Thanks again for playing!

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dont yet have my GameShell, but I would love to get involved. the bad part is i don’t know Rust. I’m a C/C++/ ASM guy. but if I like it when I try, i might try for a graphical c++ port.

My background is in C/C++ but switched mostly to Rust over the last couple of years. I’m currently planning my next game, I might go for something a little more graphical, immersive but keeping with a text based sim engine.

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I’m just about to get this. Looks amazing as all I have been playing on my shell is Pokémon so this will be a nice change of pace

Ok just downloaded it and followed the instructions and it crashes on startup I don’t know why. Please help

The game should have piped out to an output.txt file. Can you paste the contents of that here?

Did you unzip it from Windows and then moved the folder to GameShell? If yes then the spacetrader binary is not executable that’s why it crashes when you launch it. Either unzip the zip file in GameShell via ssh and using the unzip command, or either give execution rights to the spacetrader binary by issuing in ssh the following command:

chmod +x spacetrader

I unzipped it in the right place and I don’t know what you mean by output.txt file I launched it on my GS it went to the loading screen. Two seconds later back at the main menue of the shell. So now whenever I boot the system. It forever loops the loading screen, then after like 20 minutes it just shuts down.

Can you still FTP or SSH into the device? You could try moving the folder into the folder 21_IndieGames.

Just had to reset my game shell by re-imaging it. Even when I deleted the application via SSH it just keeps loading forever. Idk if I’m just being dumb and it’s just because I did something wrong (although the actual logo came up on my home screen) or if there is an issue with the game. Has anyone else installed it and if so, dose it crash?

Do you know what OS version you are using? If it’s not the same as mine I’ll try it out on that and see if I can replicate. I’ve had about 30 downloads so far, people have given feedback but nobody has reported this issue.

I’m on the latest version of clock os. I have the old main board so maybe there is a ram issue

The game is only around 4mb in size with assets, so it shouldn’t use hardly any memory. I wrote the game in Rust, so memory leaks are almost impossible. I have the latest board, but not sure how the hardware would be an issue in this instance. I am using the stock OS and drivers which came with my device, I’ll dig out more info on what those are so we can compare.

I haven’t changed any drivers so if you have installed any extra then that will be the issue.

I haven’t changed any of mine either. Very odd, just not able to replicate this issue at all. I might try and reach out to the GameShell devs.

Ok thanks for the help :smile: