Let's say thanks! Post your thankyou's here

So in view of the extraordinary volume of posts I’ve read with people’s problems, complaints and frustrations, I have started a thread for people to say THANKYOU to anyone on the forum who has helped them with this process.

We have to remember that the idea of the Gameshell was a platform for creativity and development to explore what was possible in a portable hand held computer.
It was never intended to emulate such a variety of expired and retro hardware perfectly, especially bigger machines like N64 and PS1.

Sometimes its good to acknowledge the selfless hard work that happens here.

I want to start with the original developers (@hal , @yong) , who have given me three solid years of nostalgia and fun.
Second, I want to acknowledge the extreme hard work of @javelinface , who has been a tireless presence helping people with niggling issues and publicly optimising the system to even emulate N64. Thankyou @javelinface!

Post your thankyou’s below if someone has helped you out with your projects or system.


Aww thank you very much!! It’s all a community effort, with people building upon what we’ve built together! Might as well make it a good community! You’re a part of the community, and also thrive to make it a positive place! For that, I am throwing the first shoutout to you, @GoBananas.

I just thought I’d throw out an additional shoutout to @guu. Not just because it’s his job, but he’s helped me on an individual level countless times, and is always extremely humble in doing so.

If it wasn’t for the work of @shell we wouldn’t have had the current functional graphic drivers, and goodness knows what else.

@r043v always has plenty of amazing optimisations and ideas that I am always thrilled to read and hear about.

@Petrakis has been one of the more active voices of the forum who I can always defer to, providing information for me from github to allow me to keep things current in my own custom image.

There are no doubt way more, but these are the individuals who ive had the most interactions with, and who’s posts and replies I am always looking forward to reading.


haha I agree the topic

People should be grateful, but I have done too little and too poorly, there is no need to be thanked, @javelinface
Everyone in this community has made this community so that I have this opportunity in my life to meet so many interesting, retro and nostalgic friends
Sincere thanks to all of you

oh my god, it’s three years,time flies


Hi Folks,

I’m just a sysadmin guy whit no programming skills (just a bit of shell script and HTML…lol), I have nothing to do with dev, just wants to say thank you so much for all developers from this community, especially for @javelinface who always prompt in on the most of topics that I saw and in a really helpful and comprehensive way, and I can’t forget to say thank you so so much to carry on with the DEOT image and create the coolest and accurate skin for DEOT.

Thank you for @pezhman to create the Calendar App that I have done some design modification to match on DEOT theme, I have fun doing it.

Thank you for @0x0c who create the most impressive App, Backup & Sharing Center, I did not test it yet, but that is insane.

Thank you for @Petrakis who create the BatMon, the most helpful app, now I know that I need to save my game or run to grab a charger, also he is a great guy on this community I saw a lot of helpful and comprehensive replies made by him.

So… I just arrived in this community (almost 2 months) and I never saw such an amazing place to be, thanks for all developers who make this place like that, if I have any contact with something that I like, sure that I will back to this topic to say Thanks.

And of course thanks for the developers who create the GameShell, I don’t know who is, but looks like to be @hal and @yong, you are amazing guys!!!

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Ah yes, the BatMon!

Agreed, super useful!


Been wanting to say thanks too, @javelinface @guu @Oet these guys have made the gameshell actually usable and fun to mess with, making the process of setting them up and tinkering so much easier. Once again thank you guys for your help and contributions.


@HalfBlood Thank you so much! It’s hard for sure to follow a lot of what is in these forums! I’ll definitely try as hard as I can to help “decipher” the instructions! It’s the least I can do, compared to so many more of the actual content creators!


Thanks! All of you, users and developers of this amazing community!
Let’s send our praises and hearts :heart: to all those who helped and participated.
It reminds me of thanksgiving all over again:


Right on! I don’t want to repeat praises and the most active members have been thanked already. I want to thank @cjv123 for the Volume script, it helped me learn and tweak mine to what I prefer.

But thank you all, it’s my favourite machine :slight_smile:

I’m even going to use the GameShell to other purposes than gaming :slight_smile:


Exactly! It gives me thanksgiving vibes.

Thanks guys but I am not that active, I just watch from the shadows :relieved:

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Very soon you will have the All-In-One Image! It’s in final stage!! Hang in there!

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You are welcome @madvan
Sorry for my delay to reply , thanks.

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I just want to put out a thank you to all the people who say thank you, and those who show how happy they are when they get help. Showing appreciation makes things seem so very worth it. Seriously, without the small bits of motivation like that, no one would get that tiny dopamine kick to want to continue helping others, and finding/making new content. Even just the like buttons are enough to really make your day.
Haha it’s a big cyclic loop, having the thankees thanking the thankers, but if it’s that easy to keep the cycle going, then that’s what’s going to keep the community going.