Liero on Shell? (Solved)

Hey all,

I might sound crazy, but i havent had a ton of experience using DosBox. I was looking into how I can get a classic game I grew up with, Liero. They have versions dating back to Win98, but I was curious, Can this run on a GameShell via Dosbox?

I’ve made some attempts without much luck. I got DosBox, and made a shell script on the launcher to run the EXE but I feel like im doing something wrong.

Any direction would be much appreciated!

[EDIT] Revised topic title to add solved.

I never heard of the game, but I tried something anyway.

Let me first ask you, why not install LieroLibre?

If this version if good enough you can just install the game:

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt install lierolibre

And add a launch script:

echo lierolibre > ~/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/


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Oh huh, I wasnt aware that was a version available. Also, I just realized my downfall of installing Liero on shell. Its kinda a local multiplayer game. x.x Actually Im wrong: You can change player 2 options to change to a CPU controlled player. :thinking:

Awesome that you got it working! :smiley:

Made some icons:
lierolibre_alt lierolibre

what about LieroX