Light Keys Inside Case Mod

I swapped my battery to a 2500 mah one and modified the case to fit the light key inside:

Updated STL File here:


Nice improvement, thanks for sharing!
I would really like something like this

Fixed Link for the back:

I am using this battery:

This case won’t fit the standard battery unless you take it out of its case (maybe).

Would you be willing to print some parts cases out for sale?

Sure if you’re in the USA. There’s also websites that’ll print it and have more variety / colors.

What websites? Never used any 3D printed services before

I used shapeways did they green cover and the white one I printed myself. Try Google


I just trimmed original case, and it fits perfectly.


Good job, looks really clean.

Thanks @Johnisa! I just bought the same Adafruit battery. Glad to know you did the heavy lifting and built a case that fulfills two needs: integration of light keys and good fit for the new battery.

Just tried to upload the stl file to Shapeways and got the error:

Model is not manifold.

Wound up using Xin’s stl file and it worked.

I cleaned up the file. I’ll upload it if anyone needs it in the future.

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Thanks! Would you mind uploading the new file? Depending on how the one Xin made fits with the Adafruit battery, I’ll either need to file down the 3d printed shell or print out yours.

Yes check the link where I posted the two images

I downloaded the STL file again from the link above. Still getting the error from Shapeways.

So it takes about 15 minutes to upload to shapeways, but it works.

Thank you! Just tried your file and it has no errors.