Login issues - did a reboot - it's asking for a password but the default no longer works

Hey just rebooted the clockwork devterm and I can’t log in default passord of cpi indicates the wrong password!!! help!!!

actually it doesn’t indicate the wrong password it just loops back to the log in - I try anything else it indicates the wrong password … argh

Sounds like there’s a problem starting up your default session type. Try clicking the session icon (default is Xfce’s mouse head) and try another session if you have one. You can also try a terminal-only login by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F1 (Fn + 1). Browse the output of journalctl to see if there is any clue why your session didn’t start.

Also, what did you do before the reboot?

I was messing with setting up tightVNC and then when it timed out on my other computer I rebooted - I’ve imaged a second micro SD card and booted fine in it. but kept the original so I can go back and try what you suggest. I’ll read up on terminal commands but I agree there is a problem on the boot up - I type in the default password only to have the screen to blank to a cursor then come back up with the log in - if I try a different password it tells me that the password is wrong.

There’s not really much to read up on if you want to read the system log. Here are the exact steps

  1. Try logging in once with the standard login to confirm it doesn’t work again and to cause it to log the problem. Note the approximate time you did this.
  2. Press Ctrl + Alt + F1 (Ctrl + Alt + Fn + 1) to get the terminal login.
  3. Log in from the terminal login. You will need to type both username and password.
  4. Type journalctl to read the system logs.
  5. Scroll to the time noted in step 1, using End to get to the end of the log, and Page Up/Page Down to find the place (Fn + Arrows).
  6. Take a photo of your screen and post it here once you find the error.

When done, press q to exit the log viewer, then type exit to log out of the terminal session. Press Ctrl + Alt + F7 to get back to the graphical login.

Okay latest clockwork pi OS install on the newer sd card booted this morning - same issues (after I had installed but not ran the vnc software and (also spyder3 ide) I did the ctr-alt-f1 and got to terminal and logged in! So I will go back and put in the factory card (better quality) Ill read the log and post a photo - not unconvinced that using the clockwork in terminal mode isn’t the best way with the small screen… I’ve got a Zoom meeting to attend then I’ll get over to the log and make a photo of the faulty log item . thanks for your patients and step by step instructions!

looks like some setting says user „cpi“ doesn‘t need a password to login, but another setting doesn‘t allow that…

Unfortunately, those messages show up even for a “normal” login and aren’t the root of the problem. The error might be above or below what is shown in the photo.

Alternatively, if you could link exactly what guide you used to set up VNC, and precisely what other steps you took that were different, it might help narrow down what situation was created.

this is the guide I used - I’m going to re - image my scratch 64 gb card with the oritional image and run a few days with nothing added and then one by one add programs - because I added thunderbird email as well… so if the problem doesn’t happen with the stock image then I’ll add applications one at a time till the problem re-appears.

How to Install TightVNC Server on Ubuntu 20.04 - Serverspace

I’ll add back programs one by one and reboot between each install on an original disk and keep better notes this time. Have a great Christmas - appreciate the help - I’ve got a book on Bash somewhere in my home office - I’ll go through some command line notes from on line - I need to increase my Linux skill set. I’ve been using RaspberryPi’s for hobbies and while I have more skills than someone that is completely new to this but when things go wrong I find myself lost in the OS pretty quick.

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Alright, keep me informed as you try again. I did most of the steps in that guide (but didn’t create the systemd unit) and couldn’t reproduce the problem.

One more dumb question: did you do apt update then apt upgrade before you started? Sometimes things can get weird if you install some software without upgrading the other software & libraries you have.

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I did not do the upgrade after update! will do that right now… thanks!