Look what I found on Taobao store

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Today I found the uConsole on Taobao shopping platform. The word I marked is “现货”, means “in stock”. :grinning:
Did the taobao seller really have the uConsole in stock?

No matter it’s true or not, I think it’s good to heard some messages on the market: it means more people have noticed the device. :grin:

BTW: the price is almost doubled of ClockworkPi’s store.

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This seller doubles prices of everything

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I’m Chinese. Currently there are three taobao seller list the uConsole. But I can tell you none of them have the product in stock. They just list it with double price and wait…


@linlunson, are you located in China? If so, do you have a 90-day shipping wait as well?

I’m in China too, in my experience, the package will be sent from Shenzhen, and will be delivered in two or three days.


Yes, I live in China. Also have to wait 90-days.