uConsole on AliExpress


Found this! Anyone want to see if it’s a legit store? Would be hilarious if AliExpress could get me my order before clockworkpi.

it looks like they’re drop shipping them. in the description its says takes 90 business days to ship. they’re charging a $150 markup too.

Its most likely a scalper trying to make a quick buck

You also don’t get to pick your color which makes me think this is “overstock”. Obviously there shouldn’t be any overstock, I wonder if it’s an inside job.

Or a scalper just selling whatever colour they recieve first …

You said that already, you’re not thinking creatively!

:rofl: ok then

OR it could be a new company that is making a carbon copy of the uconsole all to just fund the campain to prove the earth is infact in a shape of a cube.

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That’s pretty creative, but I would take that carbon copy just to help those people prove themselves wrong.

Tbh if they were right i would like to see what itll be like to go over one of the edges :rofl: