Anyone else from the US recently order a uConsole?

I recently purchased one a couple days ago. I read the disclaimer that fulfilling the order could take up to 90 days. I was aware of this before I finalized the purchase, so I’m not mad or disappointed by it, but 90 days is a long time to wait for something you’re excited for. I’m from the US so I was wondering if anyone else from the US ordered one recently, and how long they actually had to wait for theirs, what their experience was like, etc.

There still people waiting on ordering a year ago so might take a little longer than that, but right now they are catching up with orders so you wont be waiting as long as them, most likely going to be getting it next year. Theres 2 threads on here about ordering (one frome clockwork with updates at the top of the thread, one from the community that tracks peoples orders and get a rough estimation on how long it takes), best check them out.

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Hey friend, thought I’d let you know. No, you are not alone. I placed an order for a black CM4 with a CM4 no 4G around October. No shipping email of course.

We will all get one in time.

I did check that page and that’s what led me to post here. I was concerned because the most recent update I saw was from March.

That said, I really hope I’m not waiting a full year. If by “next year” you mean early next year then maybe I can work with that. But if that’s not the case then it was kind of disingenuous to tell me the wait time would be 90 days when it could really be up to a full year. I’ll check the discord but If I’m waiting much more than 90 days for this I may just get a refund.

Im hoping early next year myself but its still up in the air, there isnt really any rhyme or reason to how they are all shipped, theres also many factors like what you ordered and where you ordered it too, atm alex (the middle man from clockwork) says that they finished off a batch and are now currently packing up another batch but they are having issues with getting cm4 and (i think) 4g modules so orders that contain these might be delayed

Ah, so you’re saying that possibly those ordered without the 4G module could arrive sooner? That’s a bit of a relief as I ordered mine without one.

Idk if I’m reading the chart and announcements correctly but it seems people with 25xx order numbers should get their shipping notifications soon, The only question left unanswered is when the people who actually received theirs placed the order. I notice however that people ordering from the USA seem to get theirs quick after it ships. Either way, I’ll give it the agreed upon 90 days before I consider asking for a refund.

But if that’s not the case then it was kind of disingenuous to tell me the wait time would be 90 days when it could really be up to a full year.

The original button you pushed did say pre-order :wink:

Might be longer if you ordered the cm4 (the actual compute module core not just the model of the uConsole), but its probably the case. From my reasoning people in asia are getting it first having the factory in china, and then america and then europe but thats my guess. Im uk myself and my order is 249xx cm4 and thats with no core and no 4g and i ordered at the beginning of the month and havent gotten anything yet. If i do get anything im happy to let you know.

Here’s the link for the one I ordered.

Doesn’t say pre-order anywhere on the page. Nor did it at the time of my purchase.

I generally don’t trust pre-orders so I did extensive research on the device before even thinking to purchase it, and avoided anything that said “coming soon”

Plus, if other people already recieved one it’s not really a pre-order anymore.

Even if It was a preorder, I stand by what I said. There’s a huge difference between 90 days and an entire year. Especially if its well known the wait time is way longer than originally promised. Up to 90 days doesn’t mean “But maybe a whole year”. If they were being honest they would say “Up to a year.” Or “Some users are reporting X wait time.”

So I’m not sure if that was supposed to be a “gotcha” but it doesn’t really hold weight.

Ok to correct myself it doesn’t say “up to 90 days.” it says “approximately 90 days.” But that’s not a very good approximation if the actual number turns out to be more than 3 times the original guess.

Im sorry to say it but if you go from the clockwork homepage it says pre order, the product page only supplies the prices

I see what you’re saying now. Sorry Jesse.

It also states business days not just days so you also have to exclude weekends if you want to get technical…

And the people who were waiting over a year was from when the product was first launched, the time wait is getting reduced so you wont be waiting a year, maybe a month or 2 more but maybe sooner than that

So that’s a bit of a relief too. Here’s where I’m still confused: if people already recieved it is it still a preorder? I guess to clarify preorder to me means to purchase something that hasn’t been released. I saw a few very in-depth reviews showcasing the device and even timelapse videos of the assembly process. Plus, when I looked at the forums I saw multiple topics regarding people’s experiences with the device as well.

Yh people who have recieved it on here have been waiting a while and some (not all) of the reviews/showcases on youtube have probably got it earlier than others for advertising purposes basterds but i feel like they can technically call it pre orders because they are still in the process of making them in the factory. Yh i understand your point of view, ive been checking both mail and this forum everyday :joy:

Glad someone understands. I’m not trying to get hung up on semantics but the difference between pre-ordering something no one has their hands on and ordering something on backorder but still backed by customer reviews to me is a different experience.

I wasnt thinking that at all im just letting you know whats up and giving you all the info i know. Also theres a lot of people who are feeling the same way, it doesnt help that clockwork havent been as transparent and frequent with updates but at least the community has been filling in where they havent.

Yeah the infrequency of updates from clockwork is what originally spooked me. Glad to see the community step up. Too bad the community doesn’t happen to have an extra factory or distribution center laying around they can donate to the cause.