Make the forum work over HTTPS

Hi Clockworkpi,

Your website is on HTTPS which is great, but the forum does not support https at all, which is really bad.

Could you please update your server so that the forum answer in https?



To accompany this request, a means to easily do so: Lets Encrypt


Thanks! @Godzil and @aewens
You are right.
We will get HTTPS setup very soon.

Sorry, we are still in the process of setting things up, any suggestions on building up our community website would be deeply appreciated.


HTTPS has been enabled.
Thanks for your awesome advice!


There should also be an HTTP 301 for the non-HTTPS that redirects to the HTTPS version so everyone is using the secure version (since the majority of people actively using the site likely have it bookmarked or have their address bar auto-completing to the non-HTTPS version).

Here’s a quick How To if you’ve never done this before

Thank you for the quick response with adding the HTTPS, though!

Thanks for your advice! @aewens
After I configure all our social login to the HTTPS urls, auto-redirect to force HTTPS will be setup.