Makin’ Dope your GameShell! (Get in for Download some ICON Sets)

I tried copying all png files to a folder and went through each one. No dice. I suppose the “In” is text on the blank.png file?

yeah, I can’t seem to figure it out. The icon just being “In” looks like there wasn’t an icon designated so it defaulted to text, and then when you look into the folder that has the rest of the main menu icons it would seem to confirm this since there isn’t an icon for indie games. I was hoping that I could do the same as I did when I set up my emulators and just take an icon, rename it the same as the folder and drop it in the right place, but that’s not working.

I am very new to this and I’m probably overlooking something very obvious but if anyone out there could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

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figured it out change the name of your desired icon to Indie Games and place it in the folder “/home/cpi/apps/Menu”


Awesome! Dear friend, how change this icons on Gameshell?

So, how do I change out my icons?

Put a png in the same folder as the program you want to set as a icon. make sure the icon matches the same name as the program.

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do you have these in editable format?

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I love it. Do you have it in editable vector format?

FYI, this did not work for me, but placing the “Indie Games.png” file in this folder worked: /home/cpi/launcher/skin/default/Menu/GameShell/

running 0.3 version


hey guys, can i add rome to the main menu instead of inside the retro games folder because i want these icons, I’m using filezilla to ease the job

can you tell me how i can put rome on the main menu like u did here

You need to open this folder /home/cpi/apps/Menu/ and create there launch file for exmaple with such content

retroarch -L /home/cpi/games/NESTOPIA/Alladin.nes

Then to make it executable type this in console:

sudo chmod +x

Then go to /home/cpi/launcher/skins/default/GameShell/ and put there image file my_game.png

If you are gonna do alladin you should use the cringy will smith as an icon


This left me laughing so hard…
but for real: very good idea!

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I made two icon for MSX (blueMSX works very well). MSX MSX%20alt

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Agh haha its rewind time

Ask and ye shall receive.


Anyone make a hexen 1 and 2 and dave gnukem pretty please!

thank you mate!

Here are some console-specific color icons.

GAMEBOY_photo GBA_photo GBC Genesis_photo NES_photo


Just need an MSX, PSX, and a MAME one like this and you’ve completed my GS :wink: