Editable Icons Project - Fixing and expanding the default theme's icons

Create a consistent, editable icon pack for system tools, consoles, games and folders.

Work in progress:
I started collecting the icons around the forum and put it into 1 file. Next to that I begin fixing and creating icons (including a customisable emoji with different eye and mouth components)


:link:THE LINK :point_down:

How to get it:

  • sign up for a free Figma account
  • click on the icon you want
  • create an export on the right hand side (.png)
  • connect to your GameShell via Filezilla
  • get into your skin and replace the existing .png-s or add to the right place where your folder lives (important to name it identical as your folder, but the numbers before are not needed): /home/cpi/apps/launcher/skin/default/Menu/GameShell
    (i will make a nicer tutorial of this when I have some time)

How to edit it:
After you created a Figma account (free), you can copy paste items from the document above or make an entire copy out of it. Right now only a few of them are vectorised and editable. Most of the items are still .png-s I found around the forum.

How to contribute:
Submit your icons to this thread in an editable vector format (.svg, .ai, .sketch) or a figma link.
If you want to help me in a more systematic work (components and guidelines) ping me in a DM on twitter.


This is amazing. Love it!

@grotandthemob Is it possible to export it to a Sketch file to tinker with locally?

Yes, but not all of these are editable yet.
the best way to get it to Sketch is by exporting (or copying with right click) as .SVG and import it.

In the upcoming weeks I will try to vectorise most of it.

@grotandthemob Here’s the Sketch file for the C64, Master System, Mega Drive and SNES icons:

Small update:

  • new editable icons: GB, GBC, GBA, SNES, C64, PSX
  • organized the fixed icons to the top of the Figma file (Default page) / Work in progress icons are in a separate page called WIP (updated the link in the post to go to the Default page)

:pray:thank you all who sent me .svg-s and sketch files :gem:

great job

I am gonna steal your icons into the next launcher update



Update: I am working on dark and color themed sets:


link to dark theme


link to color theme


Thanks so much for this! These are all great, have used a few of them myself! Quick question: does anyone know where the Love2D icon needs to be placed? There’s no directory for Indie Games in ~/launcher/Menu/GameShell or ~/launcher/skin/default/Menu/GameShell. I have no idea where Love2D actually lives on this device.

Also, does GameShell have interchangeable themes yet? Would love to be able to swap between icon sets without SSH-ing into the device and replacing all the images.

Save it to ~/apps/Menu/21_Indie Games/01_Love2D/

Name it Love2D.png

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Thank you so much! I spent an embarrassingly long time trying to figure out where to put that icon, haha.

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is there any way to change the color behind the icons to black too? Maybe then change the font to white so it shows up as well?

Yes. There are pages in the Figma file I shared. You can find a Default, Dark and Colored versions.
link to the colored ones: https://www.figma.com/file/Mzfms2wlOR9l4c7OgP1GhNd5/GameShell?node-id=380%3A995

you can also just make a copy of the file and manually recolor them as you wish.

after some tweaks on the theme settings i managed to make a dark theme:
screenshot3 screenshot4

in the dark page you can find some assets I replaced in order to make them visible (and nicer) on the dark background (you need to separately export these and replace them in the GS):


i mean like not behind the icons…but like the overall white space around everything. The theme/background

I am leaving BatMonBatMon icon here:

It has 2 versions, smooth and pixelated.

Nice work grotandthemob!

For some reason my updated icon’s aren’t being loaded (even after a reboot). I’ve placed them in the below dir - is there anywhere else they might live?

What else do I need to do, to get the new icons to load? Are they possibly being cached somewhere?

Hey @grotandthemob,

My launcher looks fantastic with all of your colorful icons added!

I didn’t see a MAME icon in your Figma collection, so I whipped one up in Illustrator. You’re welcome to include it and/or modify it as needed.


I’ll take a stab at a Colecovision icon next. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know if this thread accepts requests, but I’d love to see a Game Gear icon in the same style as the other colored ones. The only icon I have for that is this one:

Hi @Rebusmind,

I created a few Game Gear icons (black, blue, and yellow) and uploaded them to my Dropbox folder.

I also added a Colecovision icon, if anyone is interested.

In addition to the PNG files, I included SVGs in case anyone wants to modify them.

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They’re perfect, thanks a lot! :smile: