Maybe I can not talk about this here?

Hope everyone has a nice day so far.

I am trying to find out how to add new games and stuff. That with SSH is much too comlicated for me but I found out how to use the windows file thingy.

Really nice would be games like mario or pokemon if there is a way to get these

Thanks for the help!

If you own the games it’s legal for you to download the ROMs for the games you own off the internet. They’re not difficult to find.

I recommend you get the PICO 8. There’s a lot of nice stuff in it.

I own Pokemon Ruby. But I can not find a good site for ROMs. They always tell me the game is unavailable.

Also I have no idea where to add these games.
Wish there was a video tutorial

TIhanks for the help though

Yeah we can’t post links to ROM sites here.

Just keep searching.

It’s usually easier to find massive ROM collections on torrent sites than it is to get individual games though.