MelonDS issues with Gameshell

Hello, I saw that there is a possibility to Use MelonDS on Gameshell.
So I tried to load the core via retroarch and then load some roms, aaaaaand it crash.
I’ve tried like 10 differents roms and wasn’t able to play to any game, am I the only one?
It look weird that you can use MelonDS on such a small screen but I’m curious and it seems to be possible so…Has anyone succeed ?

(sorry for my english I’m french :D)

But ClockworkPi doesnt have touch screen, why would you want MelonDS working on it?

even if it worked it would be far too slow

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For the Beauty of the art of course o/
And because I’m really curious.
But I get It, no touchscreen no interest. Seems logic

By the way i though some game could have been playable.
But if it would be far too slow, well this is a dead end. /D