Metal Gear Solid PSX Issue

Hi guys, do you try to emulate Metal gear on pcsx_rearmed_libretro?? y use the bin files from EU and USA game versions but i can’t make it work. also try with beetle psx libretro and also get the same issue.

any recommendations?

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I had to convert the discs into one .PBP file.
I don’t remember what I used off hand… PSP2PSX or something to that effect.

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[quote=“Micro007, post:2, topic:2807”]
[/quote]ecm100.exe fo

Dope! i have the .bin and .bin.cue for USA and EU versions of MGS, use a tool named ecm100.exe for convert .bin.cue to bin files (work to convert FFIX files), but i have no clue how to use the tool you mentioned before. i try to convert the .bin files and get an error

i belive my issue it’s the image format. should be .iso?

It’s actually called Psx2PSp

I found this write up on how to use it!!

Use Psx2PSP

Open the .exe
Then choose the interface you wish to use (I always use Classic because I find it’s a lot easier and gives the same results)
Select the "ISO/PBP file " dropdown and find the ISO, IMG or BIN of the PSX game you wish to convert.
Once selected all of the left hand side should be auto-filled for you except the output folder… simply select the folder you would like the completed file to end up in.
*NOTE: long file names and/or foreign characters may corrupt the data, shorten the Game Title and Main Game title if needed.
*NOTE: this would be a good time to select OPTIONS and then FOLDER then under “auto-create folder on convert” select create game title folder (this makes it easier to locate your PSX games if you convert quite a few, if you don’t tick this it will save the eboot.pbp in a folder named after the PSX games serial number… and THAT is a faff!!!
Save the options
Now… the right hand set of dropdowns allows you to select various images and videos to accompany your game icon. I usually only use the first one “ICON IMAGE” as this is all you need to easily identify your game from the PSP’s XMB.
The files must be saved as stated eg. for the icon image the file must be ICON0.PNG
NOW… click convert. this shouldn’t take long… it also compresses the original PSX file… usually around 30% but I’ve had games that have compressed in excess of 80%!

Now open the output folder (the one you selected for the game to be saved in after converting), You should see a folder named after the game you’ve just converted containing a “EBOOT.PBP” file. Keep the EBOOT in the named folder and drag the folder into PSP/GAME of your memory stick.
eg. PSP/GAME/Crash Bandicoot/Eboot.pbp

Now start your PSP… go to game on your Memory stick and your PSX game should be there with the ICON you selected (and any other added pics/movies)

Once the game is loaded you are able to toggle various options by pressed the home button, such as screen size, disc speed, key config.
In regards to screen size I find if you select “custom” then holding “L” until the screen goes as small as possible before resizing with “R”, this will give you the largest most correct aspect.

This program will also allow you to reverse the process and extract the EBOOT back into BIN and CUE format, simply select the Eboot, the output folder and the click “Extract ISO”

Once you have the EBOOT.PBP, rename it “MGS.pbp” and make sure your action.config has .pbp as a rom type!

Works like a charm. i tested with the 4 bin files of Final Fantasy IX and works just fine, the problem its the software image of MGS that i have, i just get the following on the GS.
Where do you recomend to get the images?

Just gonna have to either rip the image from a hard copy of MGS that you have, or scour the Internet for a ROM.

I can’t link you to a ROM file here I’m sorry

Hi @Micro007, I find several new roms and the status it’s the same, some show the same image that attaches on my previous comment and others don’t perform any action only a black screen on the emulator, try several image files like .iso and .disk, the .bin and .pbp files work also with no problems (i follow your recommendations to transform files from .bin to .pbp works good and save like 30% on storage space), but the point does I need to perform some configurations on the emulator or retroarch it self?


I honestly don’t know I’ve never seen that screen in my life… and I’ve been using emulators for close to 20 years. :frowning:

I’ll try and dig some info up on it!!

Yeah, i didn’t find any related info about it, this just applies to MGS, but anyway i just want to say thanks for the time you took to help me. BTW add more videos on youtube. i’m your new follower. :grinning: