Can you combine multiple PS1 Disks into one file?

Has anyone been able to combine multiple disks images into one file? Such as getting Final Fantasy VIII’s 4 disks into one file. I attempted to convert it into a pbp file extension but when I try launching the game it crashes. Has anyone else attempted this or found another way?

use .cue and .m3u file to handle multi-disc game. you can google for more info.

PCSX ReARMed support PBP format
but for FF VIII, you must use real PS BIOS, internal BIOS can’t run it.
I think this is why the game crashed

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Okay, thank you. I’ll try the suggested methods

I try loading up the game but it says invalid unsupported/invalid CD image. I have the bios too so I am unsure why it does not work. Any idea? When I load up the log file it mentions: uncompress failed with -3 for block 1, sector 16

I don’t know if that helps.


I’m not sure, but looks like the image is broken.
Try it on PC’s version of PCSX or RetroArch, maybe it contains an unsupport file format of CD image.
If you build the PBP file by self, try the compress option(compress level > 0), sometimes uncompressed PBP file has compatibility problem.

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Alright thanks for the response. If possible would you see if you can get any .pbp file extentions working? I will keep trying.

I’m already do it by myself.
I use psx2psp 1.42 to build it, with compress level 9, and the other settings default. Emulator is retroarch built in CPI 0.3, and PCSX ReARMed core.
I tryed a lot of games and only Langrisser I+II crash, but even on the bare image it also crash, I think PCSX do not support this game