Speakers stopped working in uConsole RPi-CM4

I have the uConsole with RPi-CM4 and the speakers worked at first but then stopped working. I don’t know when this happened but it worked at one moment, and the next there was no sound from the speakers. Headphones still work through the audio jack. Right clicking the volume mixer icon, I can see that AV Jack is listed above device profiles but nothing else. Before this happened, I did install Kodi then Uninstall it because of the screen orientation problem, and I also uninstalled then reinstalled VLC, but I am not sure if either of this is related to the problem.

Is there a way to fix this? I would much rather not have to reinstall from stock OS because I have spent a very great amount on time on this image. Thanks!

Try reinstalling the audio script.

sudo apt reinstall devterm-audio-patch

It might have uninstalled or been messed with somehow.


This worked, thank you so much.


No problem, anything to help.