Mini vMac: problems when trying to run System 6

I’ve made a Mini vMac build from the latest beta source code, and I keep getting weird display bugs and Sad Mac errors, with a Classic machine and System 6. The same install (obviously with some different architecture options) works flawlessly on a M1 Mac.

Anyone managed any kind of successful Mini vMac installation on their DevTerm?

What are the different configuration options?

I’ve put in some effort, and failed. It’s either broken graphics (a strange interleaved mirroring of the display) or seemingly broken emulation logic (won’t boot).

Using same rom/OS files as I’ve been successfully running on OSX, so it’s the DevTerm build that’s the problem, not the support files.

Build options related to host OS are listed here:

(There lots more “build time options” but those concern mostly choices regarding the emulation)

The ones I’ve played around with, unsuccessfully, to get a working build:

  • development environment
  • target
  • API
  • CPU
  • sound API

Option -ci 0 solves the interleaved display for me, but I’m still greeted with a Sad Mac. I didn’t play with the ˋ-api` variations, but I would have hoped it would fix the display issues in a cleaner way.