Do you miss your old PC?

It’s time to print one…:grinning: Download the MiniPC STL files.


Wow, I love it :star_struck: Looks like there’s a whole lot of room for expansion too. If I didn’t already have so many projects in the works already it would be fun to print this and try and figure out how to connect another microSD reader to the disc slot.

Any mac emulator working? I would like 7 system and polish language.
small diskiete hole meybe convert to sd card?

The Basilisk II emulator runs on Raspberry Pi, it should work on ClockworkPi too. I’m going to try and set up Mac OS 7 using this guide.

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The problem is mostly the resolution. The smallest screen size on an official Macintosh is 512x342 on the classic macs, the GameShell have a 320x240 screen, that’s don’t really fit :confused:

Though minivmac ( ) is probably the best choice here.

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