Emulators on DevTerm and their issues

So, I’ve been looking into the emulators on the stock A06 operating system and had the following findings.

At this moment repositories have two available aarch64 emulators, both quite outdated:

  • RetroArch 1.9.3
  • Mednafen 1.26.1

They basically run fine, but the main issue happens when trying to run SNES games on both: they both crash with longjmp causes uninitialized stack frame error. Of course, looking that both published aarch64 packages predate the DevTerm and A06 core, I compiled the recent 1.29 release, and it finally ran. It took almost 1.5 hours though.

But I’ve found an yet another problem with it.

I run DevTerm with 1.3x display scaling, because 1x scaling is too big and a lot of windows just don’t fit into standard 1280x480. However, 1.3x scaling causes issues with fullscreen scaling in both versions of Mednafen on any emulation core:

Dropping the scaling to 1x fixes the issue and fullscreen works good, however the desktop becomes uncomfortable to use due to windows being too big.

Any possible suggestions what I can use? I need a SNES emulator that I can use on DevTerm in fullscreen mode. I suppose I can try building latest Retroarch 1.10.2 because it will take care of issue there too, but it will also take a lot of time…