More Operating Systems for Devterm

Hello All,
The project homepage mentions that the DevTerm supports Debian, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi OS. Can anyone please help me where I can get all these images. Does it support FreeBSD?

There’s manjaro. I am almost certain you could use NetBSD, but I haven’t tried it.

So, I looked at the website for DevTerm. I guess the graphics could be misleading. The only ‘official’ OS is ClockworkPi’s Armbian version casually referred to as clockworkOS. Manjaro Arm seems to be independently building nightlies that are pretty high quality, though.

Screenshot from 2022-04-29 10-53-23

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Hello Sir,
I checked NetBSD website. And I found an image for ARM64.

Can I use it? Can I burn it on a microSD Card and boot up the DevTerm A06 without any issue?

it may or may not boot, but you will definitely not be able to see it boot if it does

I did not understand the meaning of the last part “not be able to see it boot”.
You mean to say that if it boots, I won’t be able to see the boot sequence on the screen? Am I getting it correct? I wish to try that.

Assume it won’t work. While ARM64 linux distro’s are getting more and more popular, they still rely on a variety of chipmakers and, like, clockworkpi, custom mainboard implementations. The subtle differences in power management units, boot functions, and display units add up. That’s why you see SBC manufacteres supplying their own spins - ClockworkPi, OrangePi, FriendlyElec. And when it comes to displays, unless it’s specifically defined at build time, you will get a blank screen.

Your pre-built choices are ClockworkPi’s Armbian, or the Manjaro nightlies here: Releases · manjaro-arm/clockworkpi-a06-images · GitHub

Otherwise, it is possible to configure an arm64 distro for DevTerm A06, but it ain’t easy. You’d be a superstar in the DevTerm community if you wanted to build other distros for it. :wink:


Thanks for sharing the Manjaro nightlies link. Plan to grab an SD card and give this a try. Any idea if they have included the CUPS for the thermal printer?